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1.-General terms.

This terms are applied to all products in this website,purchased by companies,consumers,users or any final customer.

The use of our services by the customer presuppose,in any way,the approval of purchasing terms described in this site.Due to this,it's recommended that customers read this terms before making a purchase. As sign of knowledge and acceptance of this terms,customers must check the field "I've read and accept the terms of use",once selected products to purchase and previously to make the payment.

All purchases made at Winpic800 site are submitted to valids norms and the rest of concordant legislation of Spain.

They are submitted also to "tax over the value added" payment (I.V.A),according to valid norms establishes for physical and legal persons who reside in Spain or states members of European Union. All prices indicated in this site include the value of the tax (18% of the original value).

On excluding of I.V.A payment to customers who can demonstrate to be free of it.

2.- Guarantees.

Guarantee expires 2 years after product purchase.

If you have any trouble with a product,you should contact Support Service at This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

We no offer guarantee on products which need to be manipulated by customer for do them work,as didactic character kit items,or those that need to be disassembled or inserted in other type of equipment,soldered or wired,etc,by the user. Anyway,we verify the correct operation of our products before shipping.

For making any claim,it will be essential to display the corresponding invoice properly sealed by Winpic800. Guarantie period will be effective from date specified in the purchase order.

Customer can't use guarantee : If exists manipulation of the product,different to the one specified by operation and use characteristics. If exists violation,breakage or canceling of labels or elements used by manufacturer to protect accessing to product inside. By damages due to natural phenomenons or catastrophes as storms,floods,lightnings,earthquakes,fires,etc,that could affect to equipment good operation. By damages leaded for software elements of any type used by the customer. If product do not adapt to needs or expectations of user (verify properly product features before to acquire it). If product requires using of other elements or equipment to work,like computers,peripherals,or any other component not included with it,you must verify you can use the product with this elements.Any anomaly in the operation due to these circumstances will not be considered a defect.

Customer could send us the item,previous agreement by us. Once verified the failure,according to terms previously described,product will be sent to our technical department to proceed to repair or substitute it. Once solved this task,we will ship the product,charging to you the shipment costs,after notify you by e-mail.